sábado, 17 de novembro de 2007

First victory of UAE in a international event

The first UAE national tchoukball squad took part in the WarmUp World Game FITB Tchoukball Tournament, held in Kaohsiung, Taywan, from 9th to 11th of November 2007. To go to this event, we counted with the sponsorship and support of the Ministry of Education, Interschool Sport Association and Education Zone of Sharjah.
Despite to be the youngest team in the tournament (with an average of 15 y.o.) all the players bravely played all matched gaining great result, including the first victory to the country, against South Korea, with a final score of 56x40.
The match with Macao (which in the end of the tournament got 4th place), UAE performed a very well, but lost in the last minute for one single point – 55x54.
Since UAE was the first Arabic team to take part in a FITB international tournament, it was also the sensation for the local media. Within the 6 articles about the tournament, in 4 of them there was a picture of some team playing with UAE.
The Gala Dinner Closing Ceremony where also a great moment for the young Arabic team, when all the players came wearing dishdesh (kandora) and show on the stage some of the gulf music singing and playing alaude and drum. It was also a magical event, gathering Chineses, Asians, Europeans and Arabics in a friendly atmosphere!
In july 2008 will be held in Singapore the Asian Pacific Tchoukball Tournament, when the 2 first teams will be classified for the World Games 2009.
Now it is time to promote and develop tchoukball in the UAE in a way to be able to have a stronger and more mature team for this event, as well as the first female emirate team. As a coach, I can say that I am proud of those young boys, who, started playing tchoukball just 10 months, and traveled miles to defend their flag and to show their pride to be the first Arabic team of this sport! I am pretty sure that they will never forget this experience and they will be happy and motivated to continue their training and to pass to their friends what they learnt.
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