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WYTC - press coverage !

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Silver medal for M12 Emarati boys !

The Emarati boys had just arrived from Austria after a very successful participation in the WYTC (World Youth Tchoukball Championship). The UAE delegation was formed by mr Shehab AlAwadi, mr Mohamed Zaghdoud, mrs Nabiha Haouas and the team coached by Essam Nashat and supervised by Julio Calegari impressed the other teams and public with their playing style, skills and friendliness!
The team was very united, since they are also very good friends out of the field as well. The formula for the success on the matches were the strong and precise shoots of Jumah, the great defenses of Saleh and Khalifa, the fast combination of passes and shoots of Hamdan and Rashid, the smart settings and inversion of Mohamed Obaid, the powerfull shoots of Abdalla, and the adaptability of the two reserves Mohamed B. and Omar.

Supported specially by the big Brazilian delegation, the UAE boys finished the first face of the tournament, with 5 victories and faced just one lost. 15thjuly results :
UAE 40 x 15 Brazil
UAE 48 x 24 Italy
UAE 33 x 46 Taiwan

16thjuly results :
UAE 39 x 20 Austria
UAE 42 x 22 Singapore
UAE 39 x 22 Singapore (semi final)

On the 17th july, in the main stadium of Traiskirchen (Lions Dome), the UAE M12 boys faced again the strong team from Taiwan. Despite of the result of 48x26, the emaratis shababs showed their skills and why they deserved that silver medal! They also got the recognition and support of the public, that after the match were greeting and applauding them! Congratulations boys! You did a great job! mabrouk !
During the gala dinner, the boys also had the opportunity to show a little bit of the emirati music. They went on the stage dressed on their traditional kandoras and played 2 songs.

segunda-feira, 11 de julho de 2011

World Youth Tchoukball Championship

Today, the 12th july, the M12 (under twelve years old) boys UAE tchoukball team is boarding to Austria to take part in the World Youth Tchoukball Championship. This event will be held in the city of Traiskirchen from the 15th to the 17th with the participation of teams divided in 6 categories : M12, M15 and M18 (boys and girls).
The young boys from UAE will play with Austria, Italy, Brazil, Singapore and Taipei. For more information, visit www.tchouk4you.at