segunda-feira, 30 de maio de 2011

Inter Emirates Tchoukball Scholar Championship

After having won the Sharjah tchoukball championship, the Al Khaleej Al Arabi secondary school took part in the first Inter Emirates Tchoukball Scholar Championship on the 12th may 2011.
All the matches were very intense and the supporters enjoyed the event! The new teams from Dubai and Fujeirah bravely came for the challenge and had a great opportunity to show their skills and to even improve during the event.
However, without any doubt the most difficult match was the final between Sharjah (Al Khaleej Al Arabi School) and the young but very experienced team from Dibba.
This year the winner was Sharjah, but as new schools are playing and new good players are raising, in the next year we expect a bigger participation and a even more competitive championship.

Sheikh Hamdan Awards for Tchoukball

On the 26th april 2011 was held in Dubai the ceremony of the Sheikh Hamdan Award 2011 for Excellency in Performance. This is a national event to reward the best students, teacher, educators and educational project national wise.
It was a double victory for tchoukball in the UAE ! The award of Best educational project for sport went for Sharjah Educational Zone for the development of Tchoukball in the public schools!
The other important award went for mrs Nabiha Haouas, as the best physical education inspector. Among all the great job that she has done as educator, she also supported the development of tchoukball in Sharjah, acting in the practical field as well as the first arab female FITB referee.

National Promotion of Tchoukball in the Public Schools

From the 5th to 7th april, at the Sharjah Youth Center sport hall, was organized by the Ministry of Education, the coach C course with the participation of 50 physical education teacher from Sharjah, Dubai, Ajman, UmAlQuwein, Fujeirah and Ras al Khaima.
This event is part of the educational program of introduction of tchoukball in the public schools across the country. The course was conducted by the coach of the Taiwanese team, mr Fang and the president of the FITB mr Chris Huang.
On the 7th april, mr Fang also took the opportunity to have a training session with the UAE national team, to help them in the preparation for the participation on the World Tchoukball Championship to be held in Ferrara (Italy) in august 2011. During this event was also present mr Emmanuel Asad, secretary of the Pakistan Tchoukball Federation, who also could learn a lot during the course and will be able to share the knowledge with the Pakistani coaches and players.