sexta-feira, 27 de junho de 2008

Asia Pacific Tchoukball Championship

From 20th to 22nd of June 2008 was held in the HongKong University of Technology and Science the 3rd Asia Pacific Tchoukball Championship. There was 6 teams participating - HongKong, Macau, Singapore, Taywan, UAE and Malaysia. This was qualifying event for the World Games 2009 to be held in Taywan (Kaohsiung). In the male and female competition Taywan and Singapore got the qualification to go the major event next year.
UAE was represented in this event by the team from Sharjah with the support and sponsorship of the Sharjah Educational Zone and Al Murabaha Real Estate. (

All the teams came very prepared for this championship and all the matches were very tight with most of the final scores very close and the winner just to be revealed in the last minute. The young UEA national squad didnt win any match but got very good results and even against the host, Hong Kong, ended up the match in a draw (42x42), but unfourtunately lost in the extra time – 46x44.

During the event was organized a referee course and 2 tunisian residents in Sharjah, mr Mohamed Zaghdoud and mrs Nabiha Houais got their certificate as the first arab referee for the Asian Pacific Tchoukball Federation and they are already invited to go to the World Games 2009 to referee some matches.
Like in the WarmUp07 held in Taywan last year, during the gala dinner at the end of the event, the UEA players were a sensation with their typical dresses and with the joy of the arab music.

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