sábado, 18 de abril de 2009

First InterSchool Tchoukball Tournament

In april was held in the Mouath Bin Jabel School in Sharjah the first InterSchool Tchoukball Tournament organized by the Sharjah Educational Zone.

8 Schools took part in the event divided in 3 category (under 12, under 16 and above 16):
Sharbah School
Ali Bin AbiTaleb School
Mohamed AL Fatah School
Al Khaleej Arabi School
Sharjah Boys - Model School
Ghafiah Primary School
Mliha Primary School
Ahmed Bin Hanbal Secondary School
The final was plaied by Shahbah and Ali Bin AbiTaleb, in a very good match with players showing how they are improving in the sport, with nice shoots and defenses. The final score was 14x9 for Shahbah.

We congratulate all the schools, players and teachers who took part in this event and a special thank for the director of the Mouath Bin Jabel School and for the director of the Sharjah Educational Zone for the support in the promotion of tchoukball.

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